Knee Injury


TENS and ultrasound

  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, uses a device to send a low-voltage electric current to the skin over the area where you have pain. Ultrasound sends sound waves to the areas that hurt. Both may offer relief by blocking the pain messages that go to your brain.

Heat and ice packs

  Ice calms inflammation. Heat warms up your muscles so they move better. Both can help with pain. 


Keep in mind that a massage on areas that are injured, sore, or hurt  may not feel relaxing. But your therapist will take great care to make sure it’s safe and helpful for you. If you get one by someone other than her, tell that professional about your pain before your session starts. 

Low-impact aerobic training

These workouts will rev up your heart rate and still take it easy on your joints. For instance, you might walk fast or use a stationary bike to warm up, instead of running, before you do your strengthening exercises. 

Source: WebMD